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Clique Marketing Clique will empower you with a Digital Marketing System and a Customer Focused Strategy along with a detailed plan to use them

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Empowering our Clients

We'll help identify ways of leveraging your investment in Constant Contact and be there to answer questions and make suggestions. We have over 5 years experience with the product and over 30 years in customer service. We can act as a outsource for your solution or can act as coach. mentor and consultant.

Marketing Strategy Review & Planning Email Marketing Launch Services
Comprehensive Solution Management Build, Operate and Transfer Deployment
Customer training via live screen sharing using your account. Personal and Custom Solutions Created
Custom sign up form solutions that keep clients on "your" site. Providing systems to collect online feedback.
Automated email "drip" systems that keep your customers engaged. Custom graphic services. Rezizing, sourcing and creating awesome visual content.
Website match services. We'll make your email look like your website for the perfect "Branding Solution".

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